Welcome to Tulsa Parkour!

Parkour | Freerunning | Tricking

The Art of Movement has many names, styles, and definitions, but the spirit, technique, and morals remain the same. It is a discipline much like a martial art that can aid in its practitioners growth and develop both mentally and physically in a very positive way.

The mission of Tulsa Parkour is not only to develop our local community of seasoned practitioners but also to provide resources for anyone who has the desire to begin their training in Parkour and Freerunning. We cover proper technique, terminology, training exercises, philosophy, and other insights to give you a first person view of what the culture is truly like in the parkour community through the eyes of the traceur.

Be inspired, stick with your training, allow yourself to be completely submerged in the discipline, but most of all enjoy the journey that comes from gaining new experiences and skill sets along the way!