About Us

About Us

Rebel Movement Tulsa

Who Are We?

We are a community of  movement instructors  who  joined together to  develop a school called Rebel Movement Martial Arts.

Tulsa Parkour is one of Rebel Movement’s many faucets where we teach the French art of pursuit and escape known as Parkour & Freerunning.

Our instructors are certified through APK with over 12+ years of experience teaching the arts of movement. They began their training in the urban landscapes of Tulsa before organized training was developed and long before parkour hit the mainstream media. They are also a few of the early practitioners in Oklahoma who helped bring parkour’s practice to the state.

What Are We?

We have taken & applied our many years of practice and experience to develop a safe, fun, and sustainable training method.

This has allowed us to take the practice of Parkour and turn it into a sustainable discipline.

We also incorporate other disciplines in our instruction such as Kempo Karate, Jeet Kune Do, Gymnastics, Break-dancing, Calisthenics, and Yoga.

We welcome and encourage all ages to come join us in our disciplines and move with the mantra “Born to Empower”. We aim to empower people, their families, and their communities.

Why are we?

Why not? What we practice is a fun and fantastic workout. The movement arts are a positive outlet that can calm the mind,  increase the endorphins (feel good hormones), and reduce stress levels in a heartbeat.

At first glance, many people say what we do is foolish, crazy, or reckless but the truth of the matter is that we are extremely disciplined.

We worked up to the things we do much like a discipline in the martial arts, and as we do so we discover just what the human body is capable of with the right skill set, mindset and vision.

Where Are We?

Contact Us

 Email | aaron@tulsaparkour.com
Phone |  918.949.1010

Our Instructors

Aaron Waken

Parkour & Defensive Tactics

2nd Degree Blackbelt | Kempo Karate
Lvl 02 Parkour Instructor | American Parkour
Tapp Brothers Get Fit Challenge Champion
Oklahoma Magazine Article
10 Years Teaching & Training Exp.


Gabriel Sanchez


Freerunning & Acrobatics 

10+ Years Gymnastics Experience
10+ Years Calisthenic Training
10+ Years Parkour Training

10+ Years Coaching Experience